Allowing Blackberry (RIM) servers through your firewall.

In previous years, running an email server on your internal network has entailed a whole range of issues that must be continually monitored and managed. One of these issues is keeping up with the ever-growing list of Blackberry/RIM servers that are used to poll your email server for new mail.

Blackberry employ several pools of servers to check and retrieve mail from your email server so that they can forward new mail to the handheld devices. A well configured email server behind a well configured firewall will only allow access from known sources. The problem here is that when Blackberry adds more mail-checking servers, they must be added to the firewall.

Over the years, network administrators have had to wait until a Blackberry user complains about emails not arriving in a timely manner, and then scour firewall logs for the new address to allow through the firewall.

Today though, Blackberry list ALL of their current server network addresses and ranges in their knowledge-base. They even list country specific networks that you may see.  Although it doesn’t actually mention it on the page, it appears to be regularly updated according to the last modify date.

Click here for Blackberry’s current network addresses and ranges.

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Posted on December 28, 2013 in Tech Articles

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