We are a Technology Auditor and Consulting Firm located in Cambridge, Ontario. RawInfoSec can provide quality and affordable solutions for all budgets.





Many businesses assume their technology needs are being met by their current providers. In our experience, this is hardly ever the case. Almost all companies can benefit from a cost-effective ‘second opinion’.



We offer affordable consultation services to the SMB sector. Our enterprise management experience can work alone or alongside your current provider to provide direction, process, and policy to enable your company to be secure, compliant, and robust.



Businesses change their methods and processes to fit technology, we believe it should be the other way around. RawInfoSec offer world-class development services in both IT and Web Development.



If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner

-- Omar N. Bradley --

Our Services

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience and are passionate about developing technology for business.

IT Auditing

You may be happy with your current IT provider, but how do you know the job is done right? We provide a second opinion to enable you to tame ‘gunslinger’ IT providers. Furthermore, we can offer full management of your current provider to ensure they can meet your expectations.

Some Examples
Capability Audit
Policy Audit
Risk Analysis
Project Audit

IT & Security Consulting

Affordable IT & Security Consulting does not have to break the bank. We can provide you with high-level management of your infrastructure while maintaining your current provider to execute tasks. In essence, we can deliver world class technology consultation without world class pricing.

Some Examples
Penetration Testing
Policy & Process Creation
Network Architecture Design
Network Forensics

Compliance Managment

If your company has not appointed a CCO or CPO you should probably look into that. All Ontario businesses have responsibilities in terms of being compliant with Provincial and Federal privacy and accessibility laws. Also, are you aware of Canada’s new anti-SPAM laws and how they affect the way you do business?

Some Examples
AODA Compliance
CPO Service
Policy & Process Creation

Web Auditing

There are a lot of web developers out there, and almost anyone can build web site. How do you know your developer is able to provide you with a safe, secure online presence that adheres to local privacy and accessibility laws?

Some Examples
Capability Audit
Compliance Audit
Code Review
Penetration Testing

Web Security Consulting

Did you know that almost all professional web developers do not have the skills to provide a secure web application? Web developers work at the Application and Presentation Layers of the OSI model and even that is barely covered. This leaves the other 5 layers outside of their control.

Some Examples
Penetration Testing
Code Review
Infrastructure Design
Scalability Management

Web Development

Whether it’s a small blog, e-commerce system, or nation wide business application, rest assured we can deliver. All of our products are managed primarily for security then functionality. Integrating our experience in networks, security, and software development ensures we deliver world class solutions for your business.

Some Examples
Project Management
Secure Hosting Development
Web Application Development
Web Site Development

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If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.

-- Alan Simpson --

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  • Kevin understood our business and strived to ensure that operational needs were met first and foremost before planning a more time-consuming permanent fix to any problem. Whether it’s network, telecom, or user problem. Kevin always seemed to be on top of the issue and focused on the business flowing as soon as possible.

    Steve O'Brien - General Manager, Suites at 1 King West, Toronto
  • Kevin was able to bring new existing ideas to the table where previously we assumed would entail expensive overheads, and was able to put these ideas into practical usage without the need to expand our resources.

    Gregory Flasch - Advertising & Communications Manager, Nikon Canada
  • My team desperately needed someone who could design a professional and appealing website, and whom hopefully knew enough about the technologies to talk intelligently to the technical resources I had for the project.

    Richard Sieminski - Senior Technical Consultant, Second Foundation Consulting Inc.



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